The MONC Style

February 09, 2016

Sketch eyewear Monc Design

Here at MONC we want to develop a unique style of glasses. For years eyewear has been an accessory for millions of people around the world, and yet styling has stayed classical and iconic forever. The manufacturing processes lets pairs find their personality - each hinge and rivet can leave a detail or temple of the glasses, often the two or three dot details that you see within almost every brand. Now, individuality in eyewear is hard to come by. 

We want to bring some difference and edge to every pair with our MONC styling. This new look will highlight a beautiful pair of spectacles or sunglasses that compliment your face - no matter what shape. 

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In Conversation With: Elsie Evans

October 05, 2017

To capture the vibrancy of each neighbourhood and further tell their stories we collaborated with artist Elsie Evans, to create a series of paintings which are captured on each micro-fibre cleaning cloth that accompanies every frame purchased. We talked to Elsie about what first inspired her as an artist, her daily paintings, and how she established The Elsie Evans Art Retreat which opened this year in her ex-pat home, Thai Land.

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CRAFT in Kallio: Leather Goods with Iina Kettunen

August 12, 2017

Helsinki is known for its hard-working residents, amazing design culture and variable weather patterns…I arrived in Helsinki in the evening to glorious sunshine and a bitter cold spell in the middle of April. In the morning I woke up to explore the city and opened my curtains to be greeted with a snow blizzard – not typical discovering weather. But the next two days were for exploring the 2012 ‘World Design Capital’

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The Importance of Craftsmanship

July 11, 2017

At MONC our core values are based on designing high quality items that last, whilst creating a personality within each product. I know – ‘a personality within a product?’ – it sounds like crazy talk. But when you buy something, how often do you know what it’s made of, where it’s come from, and who’s made it?...Exactly.

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