Earlier in our journey we spoke about the time it's taken to source the best materials and how all factors that go into a product define what the product stands for. The source of our Italian acetate and the 'Tortoiseshell Effect' are what the MONC design values are built on. 

Tortoiseshell Eyewear 

Now that we have our own amazing range of tortoiseshell and havana acetates to choose from, it's time to decide what tones pair with each frame design. This may seem simple but it goes much deeper than that! It's not only the frame design that has to fit, but how the frame compliments the diverse range of skin tones and face shapes out there. This all ties in with the lenses and outer details to create a pair of glasses that makes you confident, proud, and suits your face better than any other frame around. Through our crafted design process, we aim to fulfil all of these factors, and make everyday wearing your MONCs a great one.