We've been admiring the work of French-born designer Ariane Prin, whose work spans across the experimentation and desire to create new form and utility out of commonly disregarded waste materials.

In 2015, Prin developed a homeware collection called RUST, followed by the collection RUSTILES as part of the "Material of the Year" installation at the London Design Fair in 2017. 

The RUST and RUSTILES ranges are created by mixing metal particles originating from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic. 

No two items or tiles can be the same: each being made by hand and the metal dust oxidation giving a unique texture, varying in colour and intensity. The high variability of the oxidation process means it could take weeks or months for a singular piece to reach its completion.

Have a watch of the RUST video below or visit Prin's website here

RUST from Ariane Prin on Vimeo.