Delayed Gratification is a quarterly publication which revisits the events of the last three months to offer in-depth, independent journalism. Like the other slow movements, Delayed Gratification take time to do things properly.

Instead of desperately trying to beat social media to breaking news stories, they value being right above being first and to tell the end of a story. They invest every penny they make from subscriptions to produce the best long-form, in-depth journalism in the world, accompanied by images and photo features.

Who better to explain the story behind Delayed Gratification than the co-founders themselves - have a watch below, or follow this link.



If you want to find out more about slow journalism, have a watch of the Ted talk below from one of the co-founders of Delayed Gratification, Rob Orchard. He uses seven headlines to trace the corrosive effect of disinvestment and hyper-speedy digital news dissemination and to call for a The Slow Journalism Revolution