Joy Yamusangie is a London-based visual artist specialising in illustration. Their work covers all sorts of processes, from drawing and film to painting and collage.

Like many other artists, Joy has faced a few hurdles throughout the pandemic. One of their greatest challenges has been finding motivation to create work while adjusting to working from home. In spite of this, over the last few months they’ve put their mind to working on several new projects and commissions. 

Their latest work is in collaboration with Carnations, a London-based made-to-order clothing company with a focus on environmentally and socially responsible design. The artwork they created for this collection was reminiscent of pre-lockdown summers, featuring joyful and intimate depictions of people hugging and kissing.

To see more of Joy's work, head to their website or take a look at their Instagram page @joyyamusangie.

Joy Yamusangie