One of the biggest challenges we've faced during this lockdown period has been the process of sampling new products. Normally it begins with designing initial concepts in London, then as concepts develop we'd usually plan a trip to the workshop in Italy to get a design to the final form and ready for a few months of testing.⁠

There are certain decisions that usually have to be made in person and being out there with our artisans to brainstorm ideas and make subtle tweaks on the spot is one of the most exciting and essential parts to the process. But we've had to adapt to make these important decisions over video call - viewing designs, components and finishes through a screen.

Adapting has its difficulties, but it also has its benefits.

Admittedly, there is nothing quite like the experience of being in the workshop sampling and getting to know our makers even more personally. They are part of our community. But a massive upside is that we're not flying regularly or taking unnecessary trips. This is reducing the impact of the product lifecycle and thus the impact of our actions as a brand. One thing that's for sure is that when we are able to make plans for our next trip to the workshop, we'll make sure that every mile counts.⁠

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