We’re never more glad to call Chiltern Street our home than when Summer comes around. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Marylebone High-Street, things go at a more leisurely pace. This laid-back energy is especially palpable when the sun makes an appearance. People sit out on the street more often, tapping away at their laptops on sun-soaked benches. Chatting to one another from across the road, leant in the doorframes of shops, cafes, and galleries - neighbours get to know one another. So when it came to photographing our new colour capsule, we decided to enlist their help. Explore our new colour capsule and meet our neighbours below.  




If you’ve ever visited our Chiltern Street store, the chances are that a beautiful scent billowing out from the next door down has pulled you into Perfumer H shortly afterwards. For co-founders Lyn and Christophe, scent is an art form. Hours are easily spent at Perfumer H, sampling their fragrances and discovering the inspiration behind each one. Here Christophe wears the Leith Sunglasses in Graphite.




Just opposite us, you’ll find Niwaki, a Japanese gardening brand with tools so satisfyingly crafted that it’s hard to walk out without purchasing something (whether you have a green space or not). Simon and Lucy share the Niwaki philosophy, always imparting expert advice and being kind enough to lend us the right equipment when we need it.  Here, Simon wears Kallio Spectacles in Fern Green. Lucy wears Leith Sunglasses in Marram.




Opposite the Chiltern Firehouse is Shreeji, an establishment with an equally strong pull - we believe it might just be the best independent newsagent in London. Shreeji also happens to serve extremely smooth coffee and are positioned in just the right spot for catching that golden-hour light. Stop by and get recommendations for your reading list from Robyn, then sit outside and enjoy the day's last rays of sun. Here, Robyn wears Belleville Sunglasses in Magnolia.




Towards the middle of Chiltern Street, you’ll find Anatomē, an inviting modern apothecary that focuses on improving sleep and relaxation. Here, Anatomē founder Brendan wears Belleville Sunglasses in Marram.




Not technically on Chiltern Street but close enough - if you venture around the corner to Dorset Street, you'll find Labour & Wait. What makes their store so enticing is hard to pinpoint. Each item from their curated offering of household utensils, stationary and clothing is made to last, and be enjoyed. Simple, yet beautifully designed. Here, Store Manager Emily wears the Gracia sunglasses in Magnolia.




Last but certainly not least, next door to Labour & Wait, is Dashing Tweeds. Often spotted sitting outside, spinning a spool of wool with devoted dog George at his side, is Dashing Tweeds founder, Guy. Fashion photographer turned silversmith, turned tailor, Guy is a man of many talents and hobbies, but his passion lies in creating beautiful woven tweeds for all occasions. Here, Guy wears the Belleville Spectacles & Sunglasses in Delphinium.



Chris, Christianna and Kim are always on hand to help at our Chiltern Street store. Stop by, say hello, and receive tailored advice on prescriptions and styling. We offer a vast range of bespoke options, from tints, graduations, special performance lenses and more that the team can talk you through. Pop in store to explore the new colours, and visit all of our wonderful neighbours while you're at it.