This week we're featuring ‘Soda Tables’, a collaboration between Italian brand Miniforms and designer Yiannis Ghikas. This collection of glass tables reflects the talent and craftsmanship of Italian artisans - something we value highly within our own products.

‘Soda Tables’ are made entirely from blown Murano glass in two different sizes and colours, bold amber and petrol green, weighing a hefty 20 kilos each.

Three master glassmakers in Murano, Italy, carefully adjust a complex system of burners to keep the same temperature throughout the mould, which creates the final ‘hammered’ surface texture. We love the geometric design that utilises the transparency of glass - it beautifully captures light, enhancing its colour and shape.

To find out more about 'Soda Tables' or more work from Yiannis Ghikas, click the link here.

Soda Tables