Earthrise Studios and environmental streaming service WaterBear have collaborated to produce a climate related series ‘The Breakdown’.

The five part series explores the topic of climate change and looks at how we got to where we are now, the direction we're currently heading towards and what actions we all need to take to ensure that we can make a difference. 



The series is split into five separate videos. It starts with our climate history and those who were here before us and ends with climate solutions and activities that we can do to ensure that positive change can be made.


MONC Earthrise Studio


The series dives into topics such as climate denial, climate justice and climate solutions, each being explored by climate experts and activists: Mary Heglar, Christiana Figueres, David Wallace-Wells, Naomi Oreskes and Fatima Ibrahim from The Green New Deal UK.

Click here to watch 'The Breakdown' now.