Prescription Sunglasses Guide

We have 11 sunglasses frames that are ‘prescription available’ online.

Shop 'Prescription Available' frames here.
*However, if there is a frame that you like which isn’t listed as ‘prescription available’  – please get in touch, we will be more than happy to look into this for you.*


What Lenses do we offer?


We currently offer prescription sun lenses in the default colours displayed on each product imagery. Other bespoke colours that are available are grey, green and brown - as seen below.




When you select ‘Show Prescription Options’ on our website you will be asked if you would like:

 1. 'Frame Only' - A sunglasses frame with stock lenses as shown in the product images.


2. 'Single Vision' -  Prescription lenses for reading and distance lenses for driving. 

If you want ‘frame only’, then ‘add to cart’ and begin the checkout process.
If you select ‘Single Vision’ then you will be prompted to choose the lens type that you require.


Here are the lens options:

•  1.5
 lens designed for basic prescriptions. (included in price)
Recommended for those up to +/-2.5.

 •  1.6 lens designed for stronger prescriptions. (+£25)
Recommended for those between +/-2.5 and 4.

•  1.67 lens designed for the strongest prescriptions. (+£50)
Recommended for those over +/- 4

*For sphere values onver +/- 6 please get in touch for more information.

Select the option that would fit the 'sphere' value on your prescription, and then select then ‘add to cart’ and begin the checkout process.


We also offer polarisation for an additional £50. If you would like polarised lenses please let us know by email, and we will be in touch before you make your purchase. Polarised lenses tend to take 7-10 days to ship after the order has been placed.

Do we offer Varifocals or Bifocals?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service yet. But we are working on it.
Our prescription lenses are supplied and glazed in the London.
If you have any other questions or queries, please send an email to