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Each of our frames are made up from a combination of acetate with metal working parts and lenses.


Acetate is used in frame making due to its malleable properties, and ability to allow an almost infinite pallet of colour combinations and styles. We source our acetate from two Italian makers. Mazzuchelli 1879 and Le/As have been making the cotton based plastic for a combination of over 200 years - together, their plethora of rich colours allows us to choose patterns and blends that we think complement the shape of each frame and how it will appear in contrast to different skin tones and styles of each user. 


Our hinges and wire cores are sourced from Visottica Cometic. This Italian born organisation manufactures the most reliable and functional hinges in the world. All parts are made from nickel or anodised stainless steel that provides the strongest and most smooth functioning hinges for every frame. For our frames we have used a new hinge design that have been innovatively engineered for long lasting use.


Our lenses are sourced from Divel Italia. They've been providing top quality lenses around the world since the Second World War. Each of our lenses is made from CR -39 plastic which offers a huge range of diverse colours and a high refractive index, which ensures that your eyes are protected to highest standard. We also offer a selection of polarised lens frames to allow for 100% glare and UV protection. 




Each of our leather cases is sourced in the UK & Ireland from ethical suppliers, and handmade in England by our artisanal manufacturers. All of our leather is sourced from sustainable cows, which are used for dairy or milk production. No cow is allowed to be slaughtered unless it's used for meat in the food industry, so the best way to appreciate the leather is by using it to make beautiful products. Each of our skins is tanned using natural vegetable tanning techniques to ensure that they're suitable for use. 

Each hyde is vegetable tanned using a selection of root matter such as tree bark, wood, and leaves. Each tannery has it's own way of vegetable tanning their leather so the mix can vary from product to product. Our leather is vegetable tanned in Belgium, so after it's been tanned it comes back to England where it's prepared for manufacture.