We've taken our time to reflect on the IPCC 2021 Climate Change Report that has recently been published. Seeing our neighbouring nations being engulfed by fires and drowned by floods served as yet another reminder of how quickly our planet is deteriorating. The evidence is all around us and is becoming more apparent with each passing day.


MONC Climate Change


It's clear that we need to do more and do better, we all have a duty to be more conscious with our choices and habits alongside recognising the impact each one can have. However, an unfortunate reality is that the topic of climate change seems to be a momentary social media trend.

The point is that we can't forget after a week. We need to embrace the right lifestyle in order to do what we can to help the planet survive.

We thought we'd share a few easy ways you can learn more about our climate crisis, donate to organisations dedicated to implementing change and a list of small but easy and impactful steps you can try yourself.


 1. Earthrise Studio - A creative studio dedicated to communicating to the climate crisis.

2. 1% for the planet - Impactful giving made easy.

3. Ecosia - Alternative search engine to Google.

4. Petitions you can sign: WWFFriends of the EarthGreenpeace

5. Climate Change: Where are we? - Climate change explained. 

6. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet - Documentary.

7. Oddbox - Farm fresh food saved from going to waste.

8. Revisionist History: Laundry done right - Podcast discussing benefits of cold water laundry.

9. Bike Travel - Impact of biking for just one day instead of using a car.

10. Sustainability Guide - Guide on whats plastics are actually recyclable.


You can also check out some of these climate activists:

1. Alice Aedy

2. Sophie Hellyer

3. Greta Thunberg 

4. Xiye Bastida

5. Jerome Foster II