This is our story

Our values

We believe in responsible product design. Our collections are built upon the pillars of craftsmanship, quality and honesty.

Born in london

A British brand with a distinct design outlook, each frame is designed in-house at our Notting Hill based studio.

True craftsmanship

We champion the makers behind our products. Each frame is made in Italy, by a small team of experienced craftspeople.

inspired by an ethos

Each frame takes inspiration from creative districts from around the world, seeking out the journeys of the independent designers and makers who share a collective passion for design, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Our approach to manufacturing

We are proud to produce in small batches, using highly trained craftspeople. We also pride ourselves in carefully sourcing and researching every element thats goes into our frames, enabling complete transparency and traceability.

Our goal for zero waste

We are working towards a closed loop system, where we reuse and recycle as
much of our waste as possible, from our workshops past, present and future production cycles.

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