This is supposed to be the time in the calendar where we prepare for British Summer and the weather is usually getting milder and sunnier. This year however, I am sitting inside while 'The Beast From the East' is apparently returning for a third time.

For me, this is the start of a busy period for us a brand. In the coming months MONC will be involved in multiple events and pop-ups - this is one of my favourite parts of being in a small business. It gives me the chance to get in front of our customers and discuss with them why I started MONC, and why we believe that products can do more than just fill a purpose. With this in mind, I want to revisit some questions that I regularly get asked. I have written down some thoughts below for people who are interested in reading...

A Note From The Founder

How did MONC first come into existence?

MONC came into existence at a kitchen table in my parents' house in Northamptonshire. Whilst working at my previous job in an amazing small design agency we started developing a list of products that we could potentially design in-house. I had an increasingly apparent obsession with sunglasses, so I kept trying to push us in that direction - so much so that I soon after left the job to pursue my passion for sunglasses design.

This meant I could focus all of my attention on creating a brand and a range of sunglasses that would suit any woman or man who walked into a store.


What were the frustrations I felt with the current state of the market?

I felt the market as a whole was full of messages that weren’t always true to their word, I still do today really. These inconsistencies weren't just in fashion but in all products -something I experienced while working in design agencies doing jobs for big and small corporations/companies. I felt that there was a lack of transparency in knowing what something was made of, where it had come from and if their real intention was to try and impact on people’s lives in a positive way at all!

It was only my love of eyewear that led me to researching that industry directly and discovering that the market is dominated by a small handful of big players, the largest of which controls about 30% of the whole industry. In my opinion this scale of mass production is so big that the product loses its charm. I love buying products that have charm and a story, so I thought there was a place in the market for a transparent brand that could provide high quality products that support real makers.

What Does MONC stand for to me as a person?

As I was defining the brand I came up with a dictionary definition graphic which I take to every event.

It says “MONC (Noun) – a person or group of people who appreciate the design process especially quality and craftsmanship.” This was because I want MONC to stand for community. It’s a lifestyle choice as a person and it means knowing and celebrating the people that create something.

For me, MONC is my life and I live and breathe it every day.

MONC definition