Finding The Right Spectacles For Me: Anthony Lee

November 26, 2018

Wearing glasses for a person like me is kind of like wearing shoes, except rather than putting them on when I leave the house; they’re on my face from the moment I wake up.

'I was never really comfortable with my frames, my mum would always tell me I looked nice, but then again, that’s my mum.'

I used to absolutely despise the fact that I had bad eyesight; in fact it didn’t really change until I reached college. I tried and tried to get away with not wearing them. Let’s just say it made for some very awkward interactions of mistaken identity. Anyway... I was never really comfortable with my frames, my mum would always tell me I looked nice, but then again, that’s my mum. To her I always look nice. And looking back now, I didn’t really start to “own” wearing glasses until I got my first pair of Ray Bans. They were large, tortoiseshell and kind of square, let’s just say I was going for ‘trendy nerd’. They actually stuck with me for the following years, I guess when you find something that fits your face and you get used to seeing yourself in reflections like that, it feels weird to change it. It’s actually amazing how a pair of frames can change your facial features.


Anyway, my change in frames coincided with when I began to get more into my fashion as well as discovering more about the stories behind my favourite brands. My Ray Ban’s were great yes, but I was looking for a pair that could really define me as a person. When you wear glasses your frames become kind of an extension of you, even more so than the clothes you wear.


'For something that you'll be wearing 100% on a daily basis, there is no price for being comfortable and secure. That’s where MONC come in.'

To me, comfort is key. Anyone who’s read my blog knows that comfort is a recurring theme, and the same goes for my eyewear. I believe that comfort and quality are two of the most important factors, especially when it comes to your eyewear. For something that you'll be wearing 100% on a daily basis, there is no price for being comfortable and secure. That’s where MONC come in.


My MONC frames have ticked all the boxes in terms of my style and ethics. I wear their Kallio frames in a dark tortoise. Their rounded lenses suit my eyes and face perfectly both for size and proportion. But what I love most is the subtle details at the top of the frames. Rather than just completely rounding off or going straight they’ve incorporated a much sharper structured look that actually really compliments the soft, rounded lower part of the glasses. The entire frame is sourced and handmade in Italy, and you can really see and feel the quality and sturdiness. These aren’t snapping any time soon! One of my main concerns when wearing glasses is the fact that if you fall or knock your face, that could be it. Not everyone has a back up on hand. So you really need to be investing into these things.
With the industry in its current state I’m finding it more and more important to support the little guys, as opposed to mega-corporations. With the smaller independent boutiques you’re guaranteed to find a better sense of quality and traceability, and generally just a much more personal experience with the brand. It actually feels good to know where exactly you are investing. MONC believes in transparent manufacturing, and I think that this is so important. China is leading the way in terms of production but not always quality. With each frame being handmade in Italy by a family run business, you’re getting a bit of heritage with your frames as well.

Being a glasses wearer is pretty tough sometimes. Not so much a disadvantage but when you’re looking for the right pair of frames, you can get really stuck. Again it all feeds back to the comfort and fit of the frames to your face. MONC actually has a small guide on recommending frames for different face shapes, super helpful when buying online. But when you find the right pair and you put them on for the first time; a - you can see yourself but b - you can actually see YOU, and that’s what MONC is all about.  


CREDITS: Photography and words by Anthony Lee.


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