At MONC our core values are based on designing high quality items that last, whilst supporting artisanal producers and ethical suppliers.

For our latest accessory, the Eyewear Travel Case, we want to elaborate on what it means to be transparent. Our World is full of uncertainty, especially in the things we consume... and use daily, and at MONC we set out to reveal the journey that products go though before they eventually get to the user.

Designing of Leather Case

A product's journey is one which shapes and defines it, and inevitably influences the user to eventually acquire it. These elements include SKETCHING, DIGITAL DESIGN, RESEARCH, SOURCING, DEVELOPMENT, REFINEMENT, PRODUCTION, TESTING and QUALITY CONTROL to name a few. MONC was born from the disciplines of creating, producing and sourcing ethically. The leather we use for the Travel Case is sourced in Italy, from the Tempesti tannery in Ponte a Egola, Florence. The inside is pig suede sourced from British supplier GH Leathers and all brass fittings are sourced from Abbey England. 

Designing of Leather Case

Due to the size of the business, we currently produce in small batches of up to 100 individual products both in leather accessories and frame manufacture. To do this we seek to collaborate with makers that we can meet and converse with, to entrust in producing the highest quality item according to the MONC values. Our Travel Cases are made in a workshop in Leicestershire within a team of 7 craftspeople, each with whom we've met and discussed in what we're trying to achieve.

So why do we charge £70 for the Travel Case? Well, this price is something that we feel is fair based upon the quality of DESIGN, MATERIALS, COMPONENTS and CRAFTSMANSHIP of the item. 

Production of eyewear cases is less simple than many people imagine. The eyewear industry is scattered with copies of the same case across different brands where a design has been reused and rebranded to bring costs down for the label. Yes, we could have done this, but we believe in producing items with integrity. We are proud to say that all of our leather products are made in the UK and our frames are 100% sourced and handmade in Italy. Being in direct contact and control of our production line, as well as celebrating the design process is what we're passionate about and want to share with our customers.  


Production of Leather Case

The result of carefully considered design, sourcing and production results in a beautifully crafted leather travel case which contains a unique internal structure ensuring protection for more extensive use. A product which is designed to last, and which celebrates the merit of supporting artisanal makers.

We've produced the Travel Case in three colours. (With the aim to produce a more varied colour selection in 2018) We currently sell them in BURGUNDY RED, AGAVE GREEN, and PRUSSIAN BLUE all of which you can purchase with FREE PERSONALISATION - enjoy monogramming and shipping on us this Christmas.

Leather Travel Case

As MONC grows, and we get to the point that our makers cannot withstand size of each batch, we will use similar makers with corresponding values to continue producing the products at the quality we produce currently. 

Below, our Founder Freddie and Founder of the leather manufacturers, discussing and  finishing off production of the Travel Case using primer combined with layered edge painting to help the product withstand daily bumps and scratches.

Production of Leather Travel Case