Silmo 2015

November 20, 2015

We are looking back to what we've been up to in the lead up to now. After months of research and sifting the web for the perfect eyewear manufacturers, we ordered samples of pairs from catalogues supplied by a factory in China (and neighbouring factories around the area I presume). Some samples came and the quality and materials were way off what we wanted. It was time to get back to the drawing board - and the best way to do this was to find out where the best brands have their eyewear produced - Italy! 
In the back of my mind I knew that Italy was where it all happened. After being in love with sunglasses since my teenage years, I always noticed that the materials and build where noticeably different when located somewhere on the glasses - there was "Made In Italy" printed . So after finding the root of these materials I came across Mazzucchelli, the biggest provider of acetate to all top eyewear brands around the world. I contacted them directly and they supplied me with a range of Italian factories to talk to about getting some samples made. 

After contacting factories about manufacture (and getting a slow response), they all kept mentioning Silmo Paris. Silmo is the largest eyewear exhibition in Europe - I had to go there to meet these suppliers, and see the root of the many brands that I've loved over the years. Located at Le Parc Des Expositions Paris, I went there with a goal to find an top class factory and talk more about manufacturing for our new range.
It was a very intense and busy weekend. But we had a few leads to chase in order to get the ball rolling and try to got some of our own samples produced...

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