A note from Freddie

When we add to our collection, we do it with a plan not to create something new for the sake of it, but to design a product that we think we’re missing. Something that through our daily chats with our customers and community - we know is something they can't find anywhere else.

When designing Chiltern, our newest release and first frame since opening the doors to our Chiltern Street store in November last year, we set out to create something that would encapsulate the spirit of our new neighbourhood, in designing something strong, bold and expressive.

We hope you enjoy it, 

Freddie, MONC Founder.

Monc Chiltern Street Store

It’s undeniably cliché to say, but Chiltern Street is truly unique. It’s rare to find places in London that have that ‘villagey’ feel, where everyone says hello and you always feel welcome. It’s the eclectic community of individuals that live, work and play here, that really bring the street to life. It only seemed fitting that we shot our new frame in and around our local area with real Chiltern Street residents, Eddie, Gabriella and Mike.

The Chiltern frame modelled by Chiltern Street Locals

The Design Process

“Chiltern is designed to be bold, to be a statement. 8mm acetate paired with a purposely heavy front profile to create an unapologetic frame that defines the wearer as an enthusiast. It's intentionally made to stand out from the crowd”

- Ryan Davren, Designer at MONC.



Inspired by shodō, the Japanese art of calligraphy, the temples are created to follow the value of artistic handwriting. We wanted to create a form which provided support and comfort while retaining an organic, almost hand drawn quality; as if the artist effortlessly swiped the ink across the page.

Temples inspired by shodō, the Japanese art of calligraphy

Sad Eyes

This frame features a subtle sad eye design, this is a lesser-used styling choice. Unlike most glasses which will have flat or slightly inward turning lenses that in theory mimic the human eye, this lens shape contradicts the norm creating a more destructive silhouette with a relaxed almost lethargic feeling.

Michael Caine, London, 1973. © Dmitri Kasterine
Michael Caine, London, 1973. © Dmitri Kasterine 


Inspired by eyewear of old, we've used the strongest possible triple rivet hinges for longevity and endurance. This is in keeping with our core values of quality craftsmanship and repairability.

We hope you enjoy wearing the Chiltern as much as we've enjoyed designing it. There are only 235 pieces of this limited-edition frame across spectacles and sunglasses, available in 14 colours. 

Explore the Chiltern frame here.