The most thrilling part of the design process is not just a finished item at the end of the recycled development and testing process; it’s the experiences leading up to that. It’s what has inspired each element of the design, how concepts have formed through learning and experience.  This is why MONC started - we have always wanted to create products that have a transparent and true story, with the hope that the things we design and make express a unique identity, that people are proud to be part of.

Our goal is to use the creative design process to express the quality of our products, and use the design culture of fashion creatives and artisans, to create items with a unique identity and memory.

The first products that we’ve developed are a range of designer eyewear. Why eyewear? The chances are that one company has made all of the eyewear you’ve ever owned, even if it’s a ‘designer brand’. All of the old favourites and (licensed) designer brands are made with the same principals and on the same production line, often under one roof. There is no personality to the design and manufacture of each product, and the price tag does not reflect the true value of the item. These are the realities that completely go against our design values and principles. This is why we didn’t only want to use our experience in design and fashion to create a new and exciting range, but to reaffirm why the true value of a product is so important. Through a transparent design process, we want to reveal what inspires us to come up with each design, and how we found the tools and materials to make a top quality range of wearable products.

MONC values

For every frame that we design and make, we have to find the best quality and most sustainable elements for the job.

At MONC, we believe that with the best quality, comes the best durability. We want to make products that stand the test of time. For our frames, we source the finest Italian acetate from two different suppliers who have been developing the cotton-based material for over 200 years collectively. This accompanied with recently innovated and precisely engineered hinges brings the highest quality and best functioning frames possible. For the lenses, we have sourced a defined range colours that protect your eyes to the best ability, providing amazing hues of colour for you to see the world through.

We have sourced the finest Italian leather, and designed a leather slipcase that will act as a sidekick to each pair of frames. The case provides a sturdy outer skin, which can be slipped conveniently into a handbag or inside pocket. Like it’s protected the cow from bumps and scratches, the tanned hide will protect the eyewear through the struggles of daily life.

MONC values

As designers, we strive to solve problems that occur in the everyday. We try to create an experience for someone that will bring joy and happiness in their life. The creative process can often be straightforward for a designer, and they might find a quick solution that they’re satisfied with. But it can also take years to curate a top quality finished product. This long journey will inevitably involve many recycled ideas and failed outcomes. The term ‘trial and error’ is thrown around a lot theses days, but that's for a good reason. The best way for something to find its best form, is by tripping up a few times to learn its shortcomings and then building upon them. When designing eyewear this can be a failing through an unfitting prototype or an under functioning hinge. But, everything we learn through this journey only makes the finished product stronger. We have been designing over the last 18 months, and gone through all of these processes to get to a defined set of five starting frames.

MONC values

It’s important not to lose track of real craftsmanship. The passion and pride for a designer is to create things that people will use. At MONC the biggest motivation for us is to picture people using the product or wearing the garment that we’ve created. It’s in our nature to not only care about the aesthetic of an item, but also about what goes into a product and who has made it.

So, we have searched high and low, to find experienced craftsmen that share in our values. Established in the Neapolitan countryside, our Italian artisans have been making handmade eyewear since the seventies, and each maker has an expertise that has been developed through years of practice and applied talent. Each frame is hand made, and goes through over fifty processes to get to the finished product that is ready to use. Meticulous quality control and precise manufacturing make each frame the highest standard possible.

The reward for us is getting to know the maker and seeing them bring each of our designs to life. Their skill through every process makes us proud to support true craftsmanship, and reflect their quality and happiness into each of our products.


Culture is what defines us as individuals, but also what brings us together in beliefs, values and style. All of our products are inspired by the personality and culture of people with a passion for creativity.

Life is all about discovery. Without discovery there is nothing to inspire us, and sometimes travelling lets us forget about our problems and allows us to have new experiences. It’s the best way to learn, broaden your horizons, and meet new people.

Places and people that stick by the MONC values influence our designs. This is why each of our frames is based upon the most budding design locations in Europe. We have found fun and inspiring fashionable designers that share in the same values as we do. We want to know what makes people happy, and how they go about life in their city, and reflect this in our products.


How we feel and behave is what defines us as individuals. Finding things that interest and inspire us lead to the hobbies, friends, and the things we love. Never be afraid to express your true personality, and do the things that make you smile. 


A person’s look and style creates their own identity. This is so important as it can often show how we feel emotionally. The colours you wear or garments that you own can express a season or carry a story with them. 

The angles embedded into each frame represent the MONC principals and creative journey. We wanted to take inspiration from classic designs, different designers and where they are from – to create a final piece that is stylish and yet still individual. Each model takes into consideration all different face shapes, so that no matter whom you are – there will be a pair of MONCs that will suit you.


Memories can be carried in many objects. The music we listen to, the things we see and the items we collect, often all carry an emotional connection with them. You can see the people that you love, what you learned about yourself and your experiences at that point in time.

Reminding ourselves of these times is important. Whether you sketch, photograph, or have an activity that reminds you of something – the motivation for us is imagining where you take your frames and what you see through them. People’s life experiences can be made better by seeing them through a lens.