Well....not quite. Over the past 12 months we have been searching far and wide to find the right location, factory, people, materials, and feelings that will lead us to amazing final products. For over 100 years the 'tortoise shell' effect has been synonymous with eyewear. Of course, back then they would use actual tortoise shells. Luckily that method of finding those beautiful colour combinations didn't stick, and we found ways of creating rich colours through the production of acetate. 

The Tools of The Trade

To find the right acetate you have to find the original source - the home of eyewear. Of course, Italy - a world hub of fashion, is where this material was born. However, a particular type is miles above the rest and can now be found in a hand-full of places on the planet. We've received a wide range of colour samples of this type, and we have to make a choice - which frames fit which blend of colours.