The daily strains of modern life seem to bombard us from all angles, but why is it especially important to shield yourself from High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light?

The suns rays naturally produce blue light as part of its spectrum. The only thing that has changed is our level of exposure to it.

Here's the science(y) bit... Studies have shown blue light (which is also produced by the screens on our many electronic devices) can penetrate all the way to the inner lining of the back of the eye. Too much exposure to this type of light can damage the eyes light-sensitive cells - in the short term causing eyestrain, headaches and sometimes contributing to a disrupted sleep pattern. But more scarily - causing changes over time that resemble macular degeneration (sight loss).

Most people don't need us to tell them that spending hours staring at screens isn't particularly great for them, but sometimes we know that it can be simply unavoidable. Sitting at a computer all day for work, those last emails after dinner and that extra chapter on your e-reader before bed, not to mention the time on your phone in-between. Adding blue light filters to your spectacles can help protect your eyes by providing a barrier between you and those artificial sources of blue light, therefore helping to alleviate those annoying side effects from too much screen time. After all, you wouldn't think twice about wearing sunglasses to protect you from UV?

In the past, clinical anti blue light glasses might have looked like something that would be better suited at a Kraftwerk concert or a science experiment. But don't worry there is a way to avoid the bright orange safety goggle look! Blue light filter lenses can now be added to your MONC spectacles and appear without that heavy orange tint, thus saving you strange looks.

Blue light filter lenses are available to add on to your prescription at check out.


But we do have a friendly warning - Blue Light Filter lenses do slightly alter the colouration of your vision, as they enhance warm tones and filter the blue. We advise anyone needing to see true tones for their work or otherwise to take note.