Winter Months & Into 2017

January 31, 2017

As a British Sunglasses brand the Winter Months can be a bit scarce of sunny days...but a little down-time from the lack of Sun gives us an excuse to gather our thoughts, reflect on the months after our launch in August and the development of the brand going forward. We thought we'd highlight some of our favourite moments of 2016 and give an insight into our ambitions and journey going into 2017. 


Design Junction was the perfect show for us to publicly test the water. The combination of craft and lifestyle goods brought a vast demographic of passionate designers and lifestyle shoppers to Kings Cross for a very busy four day show. All visitors to the MONC stand couldn't resist to pick up the frames, hear about our story and find out how they are designed, sourced, developed, and crafted. Thanks to everyone who came.

Our Highlight
 - having our Kingsley Hot Foiling machine there to help us personalise and monogram each leather case to create a fun and unique experience for each person that purchased. 



One hour away from the fashion capital of Milan in the beautiful Italian countryside is where the key visual and physical ingredient for our frames is made. Created using cotton fibres and plasticisers, Mazzucchelli have been making cellulose acetate for over 100 years. Their heritage brings a unique quality and range of rich colours that make luxury frame making so special. We got the chance to go inside the gates and see the process from start to finish.
Our Highlight - we learnt that the formula and pattern in making each cellulose acetate sheet is individual and very complex. There's a reason why the craft is so unique.




We wanted to achieve the right environment and feel for our first photoshoot, so we took some time to gather the key elements to create that. Nena and Tadas not only represent a combination of different face shapes and styles, but they also have fun and creative personalities that made the job easy for us. Alongside our very talented: Photographer (Holly Broomhall), Make Up Artist (Cat Parnell) and Stylist (Chloe Mansell) - we had the perfect team and atmosphere for the Monc e-commerce shoot.

Our Highlight
- smiles and music.


INTO 2017

In 2017 amongst some of the gloom out there, we are getting excited - the new year brings about unknown avenues and hopeful aspirations. We are soon to be stocked in five new physical stores across the UK and Europe, and in the process of exploring a further reach. We'll also be launching in a variety of online retailers and platforms around the world. There are 4 shows in the UK confirmed up to Christmas and more lined up abroad for this Summer showcasing the SS17 season. With that in mind we have a selection of new frame designs that are currently being developed and sampled for SS18, to expand the range and widen our existing selection of colours.

We hope your start to 2017 has been full of discovery and new horizons, and we're looking forward to what comes next. Make sure you get live updates of our Journey through our Instagram feed and stories! 
The Monc Team. 

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