ZAV Architects have constructed colourful rammed earth domes, a multipurpose cultural residence on Iran’s Hormuz Island. The domes form part of a series of urban developments titled ‘Presence in Hormuz’, which aim to empower the island’s local community.

The irregular sized domes are arranged close together and painted in bright colours, creating a distinctive outline that traces the island’s natural forms and colourful landscape. 

Each dome is built using a low-tech method, constructed with stacked sand bags filled with soil and sand dredged from the Hormuz dock. They’re then supported with steel and filled with cement. Building the domes in this way meant that they could be largely constructed by unskilled workers in the local community. According to ZAV Architects, “they all became trained masters and operators after work was due and continue to collaborate in projects inside and outside the island." (Dezeen, 2020)

The collection of buildings contain holiday homes and other facilities, built to encourage tourism to the the forgotten island and improve the local area’s economy.  

Head to ZAV Architect's website to find out more about the project and other works.

ZAV Architects | Earth Domes