We’re excitied to share the things that inspire us most in 2022 and we thought what better way to start this year's MONCmondays than introduce East London based food studio and restaurant, Plates.

MONC Plates

Plates isn't what you would consider a traditional restaurant. The conceptual style operation was started by siblings Keeley and Kirk Haworth. Open on Saturday evenings and exclusively serve plant-based food and vegan wine, Plates source only fresh and organic produce to make up the ingredients for their plant-based menu.

MONC Plates

The idea for Plates was born when co-founder Kirk fell ill and was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Through his research, Kirk found that one of the best ways to manage his condition was through eating a plant-based diet.

Tasting menus are on offer and are changed every three weeks in order to keep things dynamic, whilst exploring different styles and flavours. For those wanting a more hands-on experience, they even run a cook school and workshops where you can channel your inner chef and work alongside Kirk himself and learn from the best. 

Our team are excited to drop into Plates in 2022 and tuck into everything they have to offer. To learn more, click here