As we are preparing to open our first retail space, we wanted to share some of the stores that we can't help but pop into every-time we're in the area. 


MONC Haeckles


Haeckles' store features chairs made from food waste and wall installations made from seashells. They're using local waste materials and innovative solutions to create each of their stores.  

MONC Bottletop


Fashion accessories brand, Bottletop, who are known for their handbags made from recycled aluminium ring pulls, made their flagship store entirely from wasted 3D printed plastic. However, it doesn't stop there, the stores floor are made from recycled tyre rubber and the ceiling is made from a canopy of aluminium cans which are embedded into a 3D printed lattice structure. 


MONC Gannni


Scandinavian brand, Ganni, intricately design their retail stores which are meant to resemble the living quarters of Ganni's founders, Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. The store is an ode to Scandinavian sustainability and their commitment to up- cycling can be seen in the store. Their textile rugs are made from previous collections and their sofas are made from deadstock Kvadrat textiles. Drawers and podiums are made from recycled plastic waste and water bottles. 


We're excited to be opening our first store in Marylebone at the end of the month, and we've taken inspiration from all of these incredible stores. Sign up to our newsletter to follow our shop journey.