This week we’ve been captivated by visual artist Doytcheva who is based in Chamonix, France. Whilst recovering from a snowboarding accident as a teenager, they began to play around with different art forms and fell in love with photography.

Inspired by the wild, Doytcheva learned and improved their skills throughout the years and decided to purchase a drone in order to practice aerial photography as well.

Ever since, they’ve been focusing on their style and storytelling, wanting to showcase the balance that they see and feel when they’re in nature.

"My other huge inspiration is my hometown, Chamonix. This area has so much to offer, it’s like a never-ending story of love. Before I travel abroad to explore other countries and continents, I want to make sure that I know every little detail of Chamonix because in the end these landscapes are what I have at hand every single day – and it is completely worth it!"

Doytcheva’s work is mesmerising, capturing the story of their surroundings beautifully and we’ve enjoyed delving into their work. 

Instagram: @doytcheva