Today is our last MONCmondays of 2021, so what better to close it out than reflecting over the team's favourite MONCmondays of the year.


One of our favourite’s is luxury jewellery company Aether, who are the makers of the world's first carbon negative and positive impact diamonds



Alison Pollack

Alison Pollack is a California-based photographer whose subject includes minuscule fungi that are difficult to be seen without a trained eye or with a microscope.


Clement Knives

Bladesmith Tim Westley creates some of the most fine detailed, razor sharp knives that you can find. A massive environmental advocate and recycler himself, Tim decided to incorporate elements of sustainability within his creations of Clement Knives.



Brewgooder is a UK based beer brand and certified B Corporation that is creating positive change by providing fresh and clean water by pursuing water projects with their partner, Charity Water.


Ariane Prin

We also admired the work of French-born designer Ariane Prin, whose work spans across the experimentation and desire to create new form and utility out of commonly disregarded waste materials. 

We hope you've enjoyed MONCmondays this year as much as we have. If you have a something you think we should feature, email us at or DM us on Instagram.