This May, we made our first appearance at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It was a privilege to be part of this iconic event and to introduce MONC to so many like-minded individuals who share our appreciation of the natural world.  



Our manifesto, hanging from the ceiling on screen-printed, hand-dyed linen, explained why we’re on a mission to reframe the eyewear industry. With over 50% of people worldwide wearing glasses, and even more wearing sunglasses, the impact of our industry is bigger than one might assume, which is why we believe it’s our responsibility to be honest about our materials and processes. 



Sitting below our manifesto was our materiality counter, built using hemp panelling and storing our new mycelium packaging, it showcased the origins and ingredients of our all of our products and packaging. This form of storytelling allowed us to contextualise our passion for materials, and our aim to design products that champion material honesty and consideration of impact. The counter was a great talking point and we loved seeing customers interacting with it to get an insight into our values.



The final touch to our exhibition space was of course, the flowers and foliage. Staying true to our commitment to sourcing locally, a key part of our brief was to champion British-grown plants and flowers. We worked with FLWR - a floral deign studio, to curate the display. Strictly using potted plants, we were able to bring them back to our office and enjoy them for even longer.



FLWR adorned our Chelsea space and decorated our Chiltern street window with beautiful ferns, diasca, petunias, ameria, clematis and lemon thyme. Echoing the inspiration for our new colour capsule, an ode to the first signs of spring, which we launched at the start of the flower show. The the paler pastel and deep earthy toes of our new colours ended up being our most popular styles at the show and have almost sold out. Click here to explore the new capsule.