Our mission at MONC is to create products that support true craftsmanship and quality, for people who appreciate the design process. In this Journey post we wanted to highlight the values that MONC was created upon.

MONC Values


Insourcing for eyewear and their protective cases, we aim put supply chain transparency at the forefront of our campaign in celebrating the beauty of handmade products and the importance of supporting artisanal craftspeople and their communities. With 100% of materials and components sourced and produced in Italy, our eyewear frames are made from cellulose acetate produced using a mixture of cotton fibres and plasticisers. Acetate has been used in eyewear production due to its malleability, longevity and infinite range of colour patterns that are possible. Our hinges and temple wire cores are manufactured using Nickel or anodised stainless steel. And finally, our lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic or nylon used due to its ability to bring appropriate protection and lightweight feel to each frame. Our leather cases are made in England using naturally tanned leather sourced from European suppliers.

The materials and components we source come at a premium, but we believe that investing in quality and craftsmanship is the most appropriate way to offset the challenges we face in producing in a world of finite resources. By keeping sourcing local and ethically conscious, we try to minimise the impact of using less sustainable materials.


We often talk about the personality behind the product; this consists of all the things involved in making an item come to life. Concept generation and development can be the most exciting part of a product's journey, and is something that we feel obliged to share.

Conceptual creation - and what inspires it - is the appearance of a product in its purest form.


MONC was founded with an aim to celebrate the creative process and the people behind it. Supporting craftsmanship is at the forefront of our mission to bring high quality beautifully finished products that last.⠀⠀⠀

Each of our frames is hand-crafted in Italy by one of the few remaining traditional family-run manufacturers. The frames are encased in naturally tanned leather cased produced by a leather workshop based just two hours from the MONC studio, in Leicestershire. Our vision is to continue to create compact, interesting product ranges with merit, supporting artisanal making and to show the story and inspirational people that come with it.


Culture is what defines us as individuals, but it also brings us together in characteristics, beliefs, values and style. Our products are inspired by the personality and culture of independent designers within a selection of inspiring creative neighbourhoods from around the world. By seeking out the journeys of local designer makers we create a product with a personal story, to fit the zeitgeist of that location.


Without discovery, there is nothing to inspire us. Our Journey and designs are influenced by the places and people that inspire us the most.


We are lucky enough to work with master craftspeople and like-minded individuals who share our passion for the journey. It’s important to remember who these people are and how fortunate we are to be able to harness their skill and knowledge in making products that hold a personality in themselves.


Our designs are created by us, inhouse, and brought to life by exceptional artisans in a family-run workshop in Southern Italy. Before we launched in 2016 our mission was to create products that would have a visual and physical identity without attaching anything elaborate on the outside. Artisanal workshops have their own signature finish and charm that makes each and every product unique. It’s this finish that makes their work so special, and we’re lucky enough to be working with the finest in the world. Our angled edges are inspired by elements of industrial design. Our designs come from within our vision and values as industrial designers, and we believe that good design is about crafting products with personality and individuality.


Today we would like to thank our niche group of followers who have been involved in the Journey so far. We appreciate your support in our mission to deliver considerately produced, high-quality products, designed to last a lifetime.


Objects can carry memories that remind us of a place or even a particular stage in our lives. Our final value is about daydreaming back to these times by creating a memorable product that can carry some of our fondest sunny memories.