Over the 18 months of research that I've done into the industry, it's products and people, the forefront of my learning has been from visiting trade shows and exhibitions. At each event brands display their products for the current and upcoming seasons. It lets buyers, sellers, press and other brands see what (your brand believes) is on trend or will make an impact for the eyes of the market and their customers. It has been incredibly important for our journey, as we've met a variety of people from many brands and many different countries. Learning their stories and how each product is curated and made only benefits MONC and it's products further. We are learning more each day, finding different paths to explore. We are soon moving into production, and there's been lot's of hopping from one path to another but a final decision of were we are making our frames is being finalised. We'll be posting updates soon so keep an eye on here, and Instagram so see what's to come! 

The Trade