At MONC we believe in fewer better things, it's important to us that your frames will last you as long as possible. This is why each one of our frames comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase covering against any manufacturer fault or defect.

Please note, all claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase and can be submitted via email to info@monclondon.com.

If something unfortunate should happen, we will have to look at the situation and how bad it is and take it from there. If you think your frames are repairable, please email us at repairs@monclondon.com for more information.

Here are the repair services we offer:

  • Prescription lens replacement
  • Replacing mineral glass lenses
  • Broken/damaged hinges
  • Frame cleaning
  • Polishing scratched frames
  • Damaged temples (arms)
  • Reshaping stretched or twisted frames

Yes we can, but this depends on the type.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding a broken or damaged hinge at repairs@monclondon.com.

The best thing to clean your frames from home is with water and a very clean cloth. Be sure to make sure the frame is completely dry after cleaning. 

 A full frame service is £50 and includes UK return postage. All frames are dismantled and placed into an ultrasonic cleaning bath to clean off any grime, they're then polished and straightened if the frame needs it, as well as having their hinges tightened. A full frame service is £50 and includes UK return postage.

We can only repair MONC frames as we use tools and stock components exclusively for our MONC frames.

We offer a complimentary repair service which can take anything from 1-6 weeks depending on the damage.

We also offer an express hinge repairs service for £50 which can take 2-3 working days. 

Our complimentary repairs service can take between 1-6 weeks to be repaired or our express service can take 5-10 working days.

Of course. Many people aren't aware that you can have just your lenses replaced rather than buying a whole new frame. Whether you have an updated prescription or your current lenses are scratched, we can replace them for you.

For our house Single Vision Spectacle lenses we recommend and use the following based on your sphere values. Sphere values are marked SPH on your prescription:

  • For sphere values (SPH) up to +/-3, we use  1.6 lens designed for basic prescriptions. (+£50)
  • For sphere values (SPH) between +/- 3 and 5, we use 1.67 lens designed for medium prescriptions. (+£100)
  • For sphere values (SPH) between +/- 5 and 8, we use 1.74 lens designed for stronger prescriptions. (+£150)
  • For sphere values (SPH) +/- 8, please email us at info@monclondon.com for more information. 

We offer blue light filter coatings to your spectacles and prescription spectacles at an additional cost of £50. You can add this option to your order when checking out. If you have any questions about blue light filter lenses please email us at info@monclondon.com for more information.

Read more on the MONC blog about the effect blue light has on your health and how blue light filter lenses can help.


If you are unsure of what type of lenses you require, please call us on 02035321121 or email us at info@monclondon.com.

Our lens replacement service is only applicable for sunglasses from our Conscious Collection containing mineral glass lenses. We have chosen to go back to traditional methods and we’re doing so in order to help protect our future. Glass is easier to recycle than plastic and glass lenses happen to be harder than their plastic counterparts so they don’t scratch as easily.They also offer better optical quality and a high refractive index, meaning we can use lovely thin lenses.

Technological advancements mean the risk of smashing glass lenses is smaller than you may imagine. But if you’re still concerned, worry not because MONC is committed to replacing any lenses that fall victim to a poolside incident that results in a crack or shatter. If this should unfortunately happen, please email us at repairs@monclondon.com for more information.