A farm is not what you might tend to associate with eyewear, but sharing the same key values, MONC found its way to GROW. Last week we had the pleasure of visiting GROW, our new Charity Partner via 1% for the Planet.

Based in North London on the grounds of Totteridge Academy, GROW is an agroecological farm and outdoor learning hub on a mission to connect the local community to nature by teaching sustainable food growing and farming practices.

When we came across GROW, we knew it was a cause we wanted to support. Not only is GROW an example of how schools and farms can work together to create resilient local food systems, they also enhance the learning and well-being of children, while instilling respect and appreciation for the living world.

Chris, the passionate farm manager, greeted us at the farm. He toured us around their polytunnels, grow patches, flower beds and chicken coops, explaining the variety of vegetables and plants they grow and how GROW works with the seasons.

This visit was particularly special. As you may have seen, we recently revealed our new mycelium packaging. We love the fluffy texture of the final outcome, but our first batch wasn’t quite as soft and luxurious. Good things take time, especially when working with a natural material such as mycelium, you have to practice patience.

Luckily, our new boxes are bio-contributors, and we knew how to put this first batch to good use. We donated them to GROW to be used as plant nurseries or even added to the soil as nourishment.

During our visit to deliver the boxes and look around, Chris told us all about his plans for the mycelium packaging, including planters, seed carriers and compost contributors. Feeling so inspired by the work at GROW, we signed up for a team volunteering day.

With such a tangible positive effect on the community, we are very proud to be supporting GROW, and can’t wait to see how they use the boxes over the coming months.

Click here to watch Chris give us an introduction to GROW, or click below to find out how you can get involved.