A huge factor of the eyewear you choose comes from the element that you will be interacting the most with - the lenses. How dark? Polarised? Flat? Colour gradient? Reflective? These are a few of the factors that come into play when you're making your choice of eyewear. That's why we are going through testing and analysis of hundreds of lenses, and comparing each colour choice of our Italian acetate to finalise a list top list of frame and lens combinations.

Looking Through the Lens

Quality is guaranteed by our trusted manufacturer, who have been making optical equipment  for over 150 years. As for the colour, that's up to us! One's eyewear projects character, creativity and style of the individual. This is why our designers at MONC are experimenting with frame and lens colour combinations to give an exciting and striking range of eyewear, that will provide the highest comfort, as well as a true reflection of the wearer's character.