This week we’re diving into Berlin based material innovation company PEELSPHERE, founded by a team of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a common goal of solving the material waste problem by engineering the future generation of biomaterials.

Made from fruit waste and algae, PEELSPHERE is 100% biodegradable and truly circular material born at the “intersectionality of design, material science and sustainability”.



The process starts with fruit waste which are mixed and ground into fine pieces, to be further mixed with a bio-binder. The mixture is then used to create sheets which, depending on the processing, can have different aesthetic results.




Created as an ideal alternative to leather and synthetic leather, PEELSPHERE is beautiful, durable, and versatile textile that can be embroidered, woven, knitted and even 3D printed to create infinite range of products.

From lamps to fashion pieces, we’re excited to see how PEELSPHERE can be widely applied throughout the design industry.