As we all begin to wind down from Black Friday, a weekend where we as consumers spend billions of pounds to nab the multitude of deals thrown at us left right and centre, we've been thinking about the bigger picture.

In light of this, we've conjured up 3 things we could all do this week to appreciate some of the simpler things in life. 





An early start at the weekend might seem an unappealing idea, but if you can bring yourself to get out of bed to see the sun come up, you're in for a treat - sunrise is arguably the most beautiful time of the day, and well worth the effort.





Those of you with a green thumb will know that gardening can be very therapeutic.

We've been reading The Kinfolk Garden, a magazine which offers an easy approach to bringing nature into your life. Why don't you give it a read and try your hand at livening up your house or garden with some nature?





While we're still not able to see our loved ones, it's important to check in on one another. Why not take the time to call someone you haven't spoken to for a while?


These are challenging times for us all, but from all of us here at MONC, we thank you for your support and hope you’re taking the time to look after yourselves.