This week we came across something special. Pocko Social have made us rethink what a ‘normal’ Christmas can and should be, by helping give the gift of a better future this year through The KADO Project.

In collaboration with monopo, Pocko Social have paired 13 artists up with 13 charities, with each artist creating a unique digital Christmas Card to celebrate their charity.

The campaign is designed to promote a different approach to the gifting season, encouraging donations to a more 'traditional' gift. So, everyone is encouraged to give a gift of a donation to charity in the name of a friend or loved one, and in return, receive the digital Christmas card of their choice.

We love this concept, and we fully support the work of The KADO Project to help those in need. To view the full range of charities and artworks, click on the button below to head to The KADO Project website.