When we release our products (hopefully in 2016) we want to create the best journey and experience for the people who buy them. To do this, the amount of research we do into each of the elements is very important. This is not only to find the best quality materials, but also because of where all of the elements come from. 

For our cases, we want a resource that's as unprocessed as possible before it gets to it's intended use. This means that the leather will show it's true character through it's lifetime with the user. Using hide leather means that each case will age in a different style and in a way reflect the life journey of the person wearing the glasses. 

We are doing more research into which animal we might use. Italian or English cow hyde allows us to use one piece of material. However, our intension is to keep things domestic - we have the option of some British goat leather for our case. But as we design the cases, and find new elements to each concept - we will discover our way as we go about the design process.

Finding The Frame