Siôbhan Corbin in MONC Gracia Sunglasses

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name's Siôbhan (pronounced sh-von), a lot of people call me Shiv. I'm a Sustainability Advisor, avid non-fiction reader, and collector of National Geographic Magazine.


When did you become interested in sustainability?

My interest in sustainability sparked during my A-levels. I knew I wanted to go to uni and initially my heart was set on studying human geography, as I was fascinated by population growth and distribution, how humans interact with the environment, and economics. However, during my many searches through university websites and UCAS, I came across courses that specialised in sustainability, fell in love with what those courses had to offer, and well.. the rest is history!

Fast forward 10 years, and I now proudly hold a Bachelor's degree in Global Development & Sustainability, and a Master's degree in Sustainable Development in Practice. 


How do you try and implement what you’ve learnt through your studies into your own life?

What a question! I feel it would be too obvious for me to say something like 'recycling' or 'purchasing responsibly' (although both are true!), but one of the greatest things I try to implement and practice, is how I communicate sustainability to my peers; and anyone else who will listen.

I learnt throughout my studies that there are many ways to communicate massive topics such as climate change and sustainability, that go beyond BBC News articles and research papers, and that there are ways of approaching the topics that can get even the greatest skeptic to understand where you're coming from (even if we only agree on one teeny-tiny point). 

What or who has been inspiring you lately?

I'm making my way through Joan Didion's work at the moment. Like many people, I find her life, her writing, and storytelling capabilities very inspiring. 


What are your go-to summer essentials?

A lot of ice in my drinks at all times! Definitely suncream, but that's an all year round thing really. A good book.


What’s on your reading list or listening list right now?

Reading wise, in keeping with Didion, I am soon to finish 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem'. After that, I'm either going to ready Jarvis Cocker's 'Good Pop, Bad Pop' or Edward Enniful's 'A Visible Man'. As for music, I've had Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Greg Mendez, Big Theif, and Jack White on heavy repeat at the moment! 

 Which of our styles is your favourite?

The Chiltern or the Leith in green! They're great. I think what I like about them is that there in between a round and a square shape, I think that sometimes committing to the round glasses can be a bit too John Lennon and the square can be a bit too JFK, so it's nice to have an in-between that's a bit more stylish.  


Before getting to know MONC, had you ever considered the impact of the eyewear industry?

Yes, I had, but I think that's for a few reasons. Firstly, I have worn glasses since I was a kid, and I have been through many (many) pairs over the decades that have passed. Even though I've sent some off to recycling schemes, lord knows where they've ended up now!

 Secondly, because of the nature of my work, I naturally consider the impact of everything and anything around me. 

Last but not least, just for fun... if you could have five famous people (real or fictional, past or present) at your dinner party, who would they be? 

Perhaps this is the toughest question you've asked! But here goes: 

Princess Diana , Joan Didion, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury and Florence Pugh (because I wouldn't want to risk bringing 5 people back from the dead, 4 is enough!)

Thanks Siôbhan! It was a pleasure shooting with you.

Keep up to date with Siôbhan over on her instagram @ _siobhancorbin