This week we’re featuring Living Light, a lamp that is powered through the photosynthetic process of plants.

The design was conceived by product designer Ermi van Oers and Plant-e. Ermi van Oers founded with her team Nova Innova, a start-up company which unites nature, science and design

Nova Innova claim that this is the first product for your house working on a biologic ecosystem - no cables or batteries are required. The plants release electrolytes into the soil which is used as energy to power the light.

The lamps are powered by softly touching the plant. The amount of light produced in a day depends on the health of the plant and the variances in the environment, ranging from several minutes to an hour per day.

Every Living Light is locally made. From hand-blown glass to 3D printing, the product is not only sustainable but is also a unique and highly crafted object.

Head to the Living Light website to find out more about their innovative and sustainable design process.

Living Light