This week for MONCmondays we are looking at something that everyone in the MONC team would like to get their hands on - an electric bike from CAKE

The Swedish based company is revolutionising the motor industry with their modular built electric bikes. CAKE recently announced an encouraging new collaboration with the European energy company Vattenfall to make the worlds first fossil fuel free electric bike.


“This collaboration is an excellent example of how we can contribute with fossil-free know-how and supply chain expertise in a specific product that drives towards zero emissions"

Annika Ramsköld, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall.


As partners, both brands are committed to carving a path towards a fossil fuel free future and a zero emission society. Both brands have expressed their commitment to being leaders in the move towards a fossil fuel free future and zero emission society.


"This truly empowers our ability to further inspire towards clean transportation, together with the amazing force of Vattenfall, their initiatives, know-how and clear targets"

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder at CAKE