The Digital Bamboo pavilion explores the combination of naturally grown material with digital fabrication.

The pavilion is designed by students of the 'Master in Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication' at the ETH Zurich, and is based on research by Digital Building Technologies.

It’s constructed using more than 900 bamboo elements, a material known for its ability to grow rapidly and its low weight to strength ratio, making it an excellent sustainable building material.

The shading panels are made through 3D printing of a recyclable UV resistant thermoplastic on a lightweight lycra fabric. 3D printing stiffens and shapes the fabric into flexible bespoke panels. Combined with customised 3D printed connections made from stainless steel, the structure covers 40m² and weighs only 200kg.

Digital Bamboo serves as a model for how digital fabrication can lead to a sustainable future in construction. It combines locally sourced materials with 3D printed elements to achieve new architectural feats.

To learn more about the construction of the Digital Bamboo pavilion, head to their project page on the DBT website.

The Digital Bamboo Pavilion