For this MONCmondays we’re going a little closer to home and sharing with you antique jewellery brand PI London, a brand that we’ve not only admired for a while, but one we consider a friend here at MONC.


PI London


PI London’s mission is to bring antique pieces into the 21st century and to give them a ‘face lift’ for the modern consumer. They believe in slow fashion that makes a statement every day whilst also being better for the planet. Where some jewellery is made to live on you, antiques can truly live with you; made from solid gold and silver, they’ll surpass seasonal trends and last forever.


"I’m keen to disrupt the current interpretation of ‘antiques’ because, given the chance, I really believe they can answer some of the most timely needs of both the people and the planet".

- Isobel Procter, PI London Founder


PI London's pieces really do stand the test of time. Made by a skilled craftsman hundreds of years ago, the pieces have already been mined, manufactured and distributed - almost certainly in a much more responsible way than jewellery is made today.


PI London   PI London   PI London


We love the brands ethos, wanting people to start asking questions about where their jewellery comes from and be encouraged to make better purchasing decisions. Antique and vintage jewellery is the best solution to being more eco-friendly by extending life of existing pieces. 

Their unique curated collection is beautiful and we've got our eye on a couple of pieces ourselves... 

PI London