With his firm Greenfluidics, Mexican biotechnician Adán Ramirez Sánchez has made solar panels powered by algae instead of minerals mined from the earth.

Algae has the capability to generate clean energy, create biomass for fertiliser, convert CO2 into oxygen and can even be used in space. The intelligent Solar Biopanels are the only multipurpose system in the world using microalgae and nanotechnology, which absorb CO2 and convert it into both electricity and oxygen.

The intriguing triangular green panels measure a metre across and provide an ‘avant-garde’ design to buildings while purifying the air simultaneously. 

The innovative biopanels are still very new - they are currently in the testing phase of the technology for green buildings and hope to expand their use for future space colonies in the future.

To learn more about this exciting new technology, head to the Greenfluidics website.

Solar Biopanels by Greenfluidics