Todays marks the start of Zero Waste Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness as to how we can all make small changes in our everyday lives to help reduce waste. So, for MONCmondays this week, we're sharing a few of our favourite brands who are taking greater steps towards a closed loop system by offering repair services.


MONC Zero Waste Week


Zero Waste Week revolves around the conversation of re-using and repairing items in order to increase the products longevity, thus ensuring that it doesn't end up in a landfill. Nudie Jeans, Patagonia and Flax are just a few brands who are offering repairs as part of the product purchasing service and playing their part in the Zero Waste Movement.



MONC Nudie Jeans Zero Waste Week


Nudie Jeans is arguably one of the most recognised brands for their repair services. Nudie promises free repairs for life with their jeans and even have "Repair Shops" dotted across various cities, where you can pop in and have them repaired or even recycled in their Nudie Jeans Recycling Program



MONC Patagonia Zero Waste Week


Another brand well-known for their propensity for repair is Patagonia. They offer free repairs for all of types of Patagonia gear and their repair centres are constantly busy ensuring that products stay in circulation. By doing so Patagonia keep upwards of 50,000 pieces out of the landfill. 


MONC Flax Zero Waste Week


Flax London are specialists in designing and making linen garments to suit all seasons. They recently announced a free service where they incorporate Sashiko-style repairs so save damaged pieces of Flax clothing. Sashiko-style uses a patch of fabric secured by layers of running stitches which can make the affected area stronger than the original fabric.


Here are some other brands who offer repair services:
- Dr. Martens
- Crockett & Jones
- Finisterre


Witnessing these brands dive head first into the Zero Waste Movement alongside their constant push to improve and do better for us and our planet is nothing but inspirational. 

Read more about the Zero Waste Week movement here.