• The best way to protect your new MONC frames is to remember to use a case when they aren't being worn. Every MONC frame purchased from us is supplied with a slip case.
  • Bending your frames isn't advisable, bio-acetate and acetate are sturdy materials but you may snap your frames if you don't handle them with care.
  • Try to keep your frames away from direct heat sources (i.e.: hairdryers aren't your frames best friends).
  • Keep your frames away from direct sunlight and exposure to high temperatures, such as the heat in a car without conditioning (e.g. dashboard), because high temperatures may alter the features of the glasses.
  • To clean your sunglasses, use water and avoid using all types of solvents or alcohol. Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths which could alter the features of their filters. Use only original accessories and spare parts.
  • We recommend you clean your frames regularly using the glasses cleaning cloth provided. The best way to wash your frames is to wipe the lenses and frames in gentle circular motions with a non-acid soap and rinse them under lukewarm water (not hot water!. Once your frames are clean it's important to dry them and make sure there is no water left behind.
  • Every MONC frame comes with a care kit including an optical screwdriver  to tighten any loose hinges that might appear over time.

MONC frames are not for protection against artificial light sources (e.g. solaria). Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impacts hazards, during which the sunglasses could break causing injury to the face and eyes. Not suitable for driving at night or under conditions of dull light.

Sensitivity to light and glare, especially in cases of bright sunlight and strong sun glare, such as snowfields, at the beach or at sea, varies from one person to another, but it must be considered that the lightest filters, categories 0 and 1, reduce solar radiation only slightly in the visual field whilst guaranteeing excellent protection in the UV area. Replace the sun filters if damaged (e.g. scratched, opaque, cracked). Use only original accessories and spare parts.